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Paradise Cove was an all-male facility opened in the early 90′s in the island nation of Western Samoa. It operated up to 5 campuses (Le Tiara, Sinalele Beach, Faga Beach, Fagatele Beach, and Vavau Beach.) At peak the facility housed up to 450 boys. The facility has been reported to have closed in 1998 by the U.S. State Department, but this is untrue. The truth is the State Department merely investigated the facility and issued a statement advising parents not to send thier children there; the Sate Department has no power to regulate or close overseas schools. This author was held there until 08/04/1999, and has personal knowledge the facility operated at least into 2002. Eventually Paradise Cove was closed by the Samaon government, which cited child abuse including a pronounced number of hospitalized food poisoning cases from the school, which is what prompted the investigation. All remaining children were sent to other WWASP facilities. Paradise Cove was famous amongst WWASP schools for the extremely primitive conditions and the harshness and brutality of the school. Paradise Cove was owned by Brian Vaifanua (pictured below) and directed by Duane Lee, Vaifanua’s brother-in-law. Dace Goulding, owner of Casa By The Sea, High Impact, and Darrington Academy, originally served as Educational Director for Paradise Cove.

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